(American 18)  I bought my American 18 five years ago .  I had looked at the competition but was ready to buy when I emailed American Sail and got a quick reply from Dave Stanton.  I asked him to help me decide which was the better boat for me.  He chuckled saying this was his easist reply of the day.  Hands down he had me swayed.  I definietely made the right choice.  Doing business with American Sail was a positive experience.  They gave me the feeling although they were a great distance away, that I was doing business with the folks next door.  I frequently sail in Salem harbor in Massachusettes.  As a trailer sailor, I often get compliments about the American 18 at the boat ramp.  Others marvel at how well the boat is made as well as how quick and easy it is to rig and launch.  It also is roomy and the seating is easy on the back.  It is a great confidence builder for anyone graduating from a sunfish style boat.  I am looking forward to many happy trouble free years ahead sailing my 18.  Many thanks for building a great boat as well as a great reputation.

Marshall R., Dracut, MA


(American 18)  I can launch and retrieve the boat, as well as raise and lower the mast by myself.  My 4 cylinder Camry does a good job of pulling the boat.  We have used the boat on Raritan Bay, Lake Hopatcong, and Spruce Run Reservoir.  The boat seats four adults comfortably.  I have especially appreciated the people at American Sail who have been very friendly and helpful.  We are having a lot of fun with this boat and I would recommend the American 18  to anyone who is looking for what I think is a safe, stable daysailer.

Hal S., Montclair, NJ


(American 14.6 I began sailing in 1963, eventually owned a small “wet” boat, but had gotten away from sailing until the desire re-surfaced a few years ago.  In the spring and summer of 2008 I began looking for a used sail boat in “ready-to-sail” condition using various on-line sources. I also checked new boat models and prices, but decided to buy used based on my personal economic situation. After locating several options and getting the input of a life-long friend, boat owner, sailor, and racer, who knew me and what I wanted in a boat very well, I narrowed the choice to three, one of them being the American Sail 14.6 model.  After looking up information at respective web sites, I contacted American Sail to inquire about a specially priced “boat show special” 14.6 whose price was “enticing” even compared to used boat prices.  Unfortunately I was one prospective buyer too late and missed out on the deal.   American Sail’s owner gave me helpful suggestions on things to look for, as well as avoid, in used boat buying.  Finally, the used American Sail model I wanted was listed  and after having another friend look it over for me on site [with me talking to him on his cell phone], I bought it.  I was thrilled to get it and loved using it.  Setting it up and actually sailing it was as easy as advertised at their web site and on the water it exceeded my expectations for a boat of its size and design. My longtime sailing buddy who advised me during my search sailed for a day with me and was very impressed with the boat and its lively, but stable, performance and responsiveness, and ease of use.  I later e-mailed Dave at American Sail, somewhat reluctantly, to tell him I had bought an American Sail boat finally, even though it wasn’t the new one he had been promoting.  When I mentioned that no instructions were with it, he promptly mailed me a packet of information that would have come with the boat.  From my initial inquiries about American Sail boats, through my shopping online for used models [American Sail and various other manufacturers of similar-sized boats] folks at American Sail [especially the president] have treated me with first-class consideration and assistance.  Even after acquiring a used American Sail 14.6 boat in a private sale,  American Sail has responded to numerous additional questions and communications from me as though I had bought their most expensive model new from their plant.  The willingness of the staff [from the President on down] to answer questions and provide repeated assistance in helping me at every turn has been highly impressive.  Although selling me one of their new boats was naturally their goal, what seems to matter most to them is that I am an American Sail owner. Period. They treat me with the same regard as if I had purchased new from them directly.  That type of service and respect goes a long way to instilling high confidence in having chosen the right product and manufacturer, and commends them highly to me for future boating needs. It also gives me great confidence in recommending them and their products to anyone else who is trying to decide in which direction to go.  Thanks so much for your most helpful assistance.

Lee H., Wingate, NC


(American 14.6)  We bought our boat from Dave Stanton at a boat show in 2000 and have sailed it summers in Niantic Bay, CT.  This bay is nationally known as a challenging sailing venue for its frequently changing winds and waves.  The boat handles well in light and strong wind and is relatively easy to launch and retrieve off a beach using a dolly.  The rigging/unrigging is quick and easy and the origninal equipment has held up extremely well through use and outside storage in the winter.  Recently I ordered new battens and received them two days laster at (surprise!) the same price listed on my 2000 parts list!  We are very pleased with out American Sail 14.6 and get lots of "that's a great looking boat" comments and would recommend it to anyone looking for a small daysailer.

Frank C., Niantic, CT


(American 14.6) I currently have a 14.6 American Sail and it is a real winner for "pickup and take a sail".  I've owned several sail boats and by and large the 14.6 is the easiest to trail, launch in shallow water and "Sail off to Key Largo".  It sails exceptionally well in light air and is very stable in "spanking" breezes.  The rigging, halyards, and jib/main sheets are easily accessible and work flawlessly.  The key is thier simplicity and color coordination of lines.  Mine is powered by a long shaft 4HP Merc outboard which is more than ample.  While the gas outboard is better for longer range, an electric motor would be sufficient for creek or small lake sailing.  Innovative storage in the forward area is more than adequate.  The 14.6 is a joy and great value all of which are backed up by a company that is customer focused, responsive to owners needs with a solid reputation obtained the old fashioned way..."They earned it"

George P., Aquia Creek, VA


(Pennant)  What a great little boat!!!  My children wanted a boat that was "theirs", one they could take out on their own and maybe take a friend.  I wanted something that was fun and easy to sail but stable.  The Pennant fit the bill perfectly.  It's incredibly easy to sail.  It's a good performer, and it's A LOT of fun!!!  At the same time, the hull is incredibly stable.  I feel good about the children sitting "in" the boat rather than on top of it, and it handles the watkes of the skiers and go fast boats perfectly.  The sail plan is large enough to offer good performance, but small enough that I don't worry about it being overpowering for the children.  I'm not sure it's possible for the wind to knock it down.  The other thing that I was looking for in a boat was a sail plan that would translate to our Catalina 30.  My children are learning to work a jib and main to the point that when we went out on the 30 this last weekend, I told my 11 year old that I would him set the trim throughout the trip without my interference.  He sailed her perfectly.  The only issus I've had with the Pennant is that I haven't gotten to use my 30 as much as I would like.  When I say, "do you want to go sailing?" I always get the same response.  "Yeah!!, Can we take the Pennant?"  Dave and the staff at American Sail are wonderful to work with.  They build a relationship with you and work with you to build your dream, not just make a sale.  Given the opportunity, I would make the same decision over and over again.

Les, G., Colonial Beach, VA


(American 14.6)  I have just completed my first summer of owning an American 14.6. I had not sailed in about 25 years and at that time I sailed a penguin. I had been casually looking for a sailboat and discovered the American boat at the (Chesapeake) Bay Bridge Boat Show. It was important for me to find a comfortable boat that supported my back as I have some medical problems with my lower back. The boat was just what I wanted. It was comfortable and supported my back and was very stable. The high boom was a plus providing good visibility and no need to duck the boom. I sailed the boat by myself with both the jib and the main and also with the main alone. It was no problem to step the mast and rig the boat by myself. I liked to sail in the stronger winds as the boat moved pretty fast and heeled in the wind for some fun and challenge. While I kept the boat on a jet ski lift at my dock and only launched and retrieved it once, I was pleasantly surprised at the ease in which it winched back onto the trailer. Much easier than my power boat.

I am glad I bought this boat and would recommend it and American Sail without hesitation.  

Elizabeth S., Royal Oak, MD


(American 14.6)  A novice with an interest in sailing. That's me, then and now.  I spent 20 years in the Air Force bouncing around in transports and helicopters, but have always been interested in sailing.  I live in a great area for it, with lakes, rivers, large bodies of water (Long Island Sound and the North Shore).  The conditions vary greatly.  I needed a boat that could get in and out of dock at low tide and still handle the rough water and was simple to use.  I was lucky to have purchased the American 14.6 as my first boat.  You can read my adventures as I teach myself and learn to sail at http://mysailboat.angelfire.com/blog/ . I can not think of a better first boat.  We all love the fact that we can pull up on beaches in deserted areas and have a picnic, then just pack up and leave as easy as can be.  And the fact that its trailerable means no expensive mooring fees.  We just take it home and park in the driveway when we are not using it on the water.

Thanks for a great product and great customer support.

Terry W., Kings Park, NY


(American 14.6)  We absolutely love the boat.  My wife stays dry and comfortable on the boat, so thank you very much for that added bonus.  Our experience with boats this size left us damp and sore (that was just getting the boat in the water!).  The American 14.6 handles fantastic in light winds or stiff breeze.  This sailboat is the perfect solution for a boat that is easy to trailer, rig, and sail.  It is wonderful to spend more time sailing than rigging and trailering.  It is nice to be back on the lake. Thank You.

Lee E., Troutman, NC


(Sail Dink)  I just got off the phone after talking with "old Dave" about my sailing Dink.  I orginally purchased this back in 1994 as a tender for my 27 foot sloop.  I taught my daughters how to row and actually acquired a second Sail Dink which we used for harbor match racing.  Now, 13 years later I still have one of the Dinks that my youngest daugher at 11 years of age can fully rig and sail herself!  Thanks for making such a great boat, now starting it's third generation of use in my family.

Shawn M., South Dartmouth, MA


(American 18) Hi Dave and Chris....My American 18 was delivered on May 25th.  As of today July 17th, she has been launched and sailed 16 times in Fishers and Long Island sound and the Thames River.  Extremely pleased to say the least.  Very nicely balanced boat and on a few occasions with gusts estimated from 15 to 20 knots a spirited but stable platform.  Easy to heave to.  Ideal weather helm.  Unquestionably made the right choice.  The Honda 2hp air cooler outboard is more than adequate, GPS reports that at less than full throttle I get 5 to 6 knots no problem.  Dave's recommendation that I opt for the swim ladder and plexiglass storage hatch was right on.  In a nutshell I love this boat and everyone I have taken for a sail has been unanimously impressed.  My son flew in from California, rigged his HD Pro Video camera on the mast and captured some very spriited sailing, planing on a beam reach but as mentioned above no problem with maintaining a relatively level stance.  OK, so I love this boat.  Thanks and keep up the good work.

Chris L., Gales Ferry, CT



(American 14.6) My wife and I both have sailing experience including racing on everything from small dinghies to E-Scows to 10-meter offshore racers.  However, I think our 14.6 might provide the most enjoyable sailing experience.  It's easy for one person to set up , and can be sailed single-handed, and is roomy enough we can take a few friends out for a fun day on the water.  The hull and all components are well-made and maintenance is minimal, so this is a very easy boat to own.  We're looking forward to many years of fun in ther waters around Charleston, SC in our 14.6

Bobby B., Wadmalaw Island, SC


(American 18) While looking for a new sailboat, I came across a web link for American Sail. After visiting their website and researching both the company and the sailboat online I narrowed my search to the American 18.  I was looking for a boat that I could sail both on Lake Erie and the many inland lakes located in Michigan.  I first contacted American Sail by email and Chris Stanton promptly answered all my questions.  I purchased the boat the Tuesday before Labor Day and Chris somehow was able to arrange to have the boat shipped to my home in Ohio that Friday. Chris also sent the title documents in advance so I could get the sailboat registered prior to start of the holiday weekend. The sailboat came pre- rigged and professionally packaged so no damage would occur.  The instructions that came with the boat were very clear.  Setup was very intuitive.  I sailed the boat 3 times over the holiday weekend and have been very pleased with how the boat handles in gentle breezes and winds up to 20 mph.  I have not had the opportunity to try sailing the vessel in stronger winds but would have no reservations.  The boat could easily be sailed by one person and will comfortably seat four to six adults in the wide and spacious cockpit.  The American 18 sailboat feels very solid and the attention to detail that went into the craftsmanship is very evident when you see the boat up close.  I am also very pleased with the American Sail’s choice to use Harken hardware in the rigging.  The customer service has been exceptional.  Chris gave me the number to his cell phone in case I had any questions while sailing Labor Day weekend.   I had a wonderful experience with American Sail.  They have produced a quality product with excellent customer service. Needless to say I am extremely happy I chose American Sail.
Don , Sylvania OH 

(American 14.6)  At the end of our first season with our 14.6 nears, I just wanted to let you know how much we have enjoyed our new boat.  It is very comfortable and very easy to launch, sail, and recover.  It performs well in light air as well as in windy conditions.  it is easy to keep clean and maintain.  All in all, we couldn't have made a better choice and we really love sail it.  We constantly get inquiries about it on the ramp.  We highly recommend it to all who ask about it. 

Don S., Kalamazoo, MI


 (American 14.6)  David, I just wanted to let you know what a great summer I had sailing my American Sail 14.6.  I really enjoyed getting out on the water and the boat performed wonderfully, not even one capsize :=).  One of my neighbors saw the boat, he was so impressed he just ordered his own.  So we have the start of our own sailing club, we're looking forward to sailing together next summer.  I also want to let you know how impressed I have been working with you and the American Sail staff.  Your support has been wonderful, you definitely make it feel like I am dealing with a friend, not just a company.

Louis D., Elliicott City, MD


(Pennant)  What a vessel! If your looking for a sailing dinghy which you can row and use as a dinghy, look no further!  Superb quality throughout and the sail rig is great with the main and jib combo.  She's very stable, and a blast to sail, and she is great for trailering. My cruising grounds are Newport, RI, Wilmington VT, and Marthas Vineyard.  Would you like to get into sailing?  Check out American Sail!  American Sail keep up the great, quality work!

Andrew G., Ellington, CT


(Pennant)  I've been a Scot, then Sfish sailor for many years with a good deal of experience in most conditions.  Both were great boats, but I wanted a samll, light boat that I could sail, row, and motor.  One that I could rig and get on the water quickly, but had comfortable seating.  After extensive research I was still undecided, so I went to the 2014 sailboat show in Annapolis to see what was available.  After looking at many boats from other manufacturers, I came upon Dave Stanton of American Sail with his various models on display.  The Pennant immediately caught m eye.  it was the ideal boat!  Sturdy build quality and classic lines, it was the quintessential dinghy at a fraction of the price of the others I had found.  I bought it on the spot.   Performance far exceeded my expectations.  It rows like a feather and glides with each stroke.  Her maiden voyage was on an 80 foot deep, 1275 acre lake.  The wind was terrific, so I excercised caution and only set the main sail.  The stout little boat handled the high winds with ease and stability.  I then hoisted the jib and it fairly leapt to life, the rudder churning the water like it was an outboard motor!  Dave designed this boat very well indeed.  Recently I wanted to register it for use with a motor in PA, but I couldn't locate the required documents.  I called American Sail and Dave answered the phone.  He mailed copies of my papers which I received in just a couple of das.  No matter what boats I buy in the future, I'll never part with my Pennant.

Steve J, Harrisburg, PA


(Pennant) Just a quick note to let you know I've been sailing our new Pennant.  It is more fun than a barrel of monkeys!  Living in central Arizona, I used to dread the desert wind.  Having this lively little boat sure cured that problem.  I rigged and sailed it the first time on our little 40 area neighborhood pond, just to get the feel of handling the rig.  Since that time, we've sailed in everthing from 5-25 mph breezes out on the bigger irrigation lake.  Being able to transport and launch virtuall anywhere is a huge plus.  For example, yesterday all the launch ramps faced straight into a cold north wind.  So i had to search out a sheltered cove for put in and take out.  No problem.  You've produced a great little craft.  Now all we need is more breezy days.  Boy I never thought I'd be saing that!  Again Thanks!

Steve L., Goodyear, AZ


(American 14.6)  We bought an American 14.6 in the spring of last year (2018).  We have owned and sailed many boats from a 12.6 foot Barnstable cat to a 27 foot Thunderbird.  This is the easiest boat that I have ever sailed.  It is a stable boat which sails well in light and heavier winds.  With its 4 inch draft it is well suited for the Brewster Flats on Cape Cod.  This boat is a very comfortable boat to sail by oneself or with up to four adults.  The roller furling jib is a wonderful option.  The high boom makes for a most enjoyable sail.  Perhaps the best part of buying the boat is the outstanding customer service.  Dave Stanton stands behind his product and is readily available to answer questions or it immediately ship a part.  We have been very pleased with our purchase.  I can't wait for my second summer of sailing the American 14.6.

Mary S., Brewster, MA


(American 18)  Hi Dave, went sailing today by myself.  Winds were 15mph so I decided to try reefing the main sail.  I've never had a boat with that capability.  The boat launched, sailed, and re-trailed perfectly.  All by one person.  I was looking on internet for American 18 boats used.  I was shocked to see asking price on a six year old boat, $11,000!  I guess they hold their value.  Thanks again, happy customer.  Can't wait for next season.  I didn't just buy a boat, I got a great service company also.

Joe W., Tiffin, OH


(American 14.6)  My wife and I met Dave at the Atlanta Boat Show in January 2018.  We sat in the A14.6 and discussed it's attributes.  I was a sailor in my mid 50's looking to graduate to a boat we could sit in, not on.  I couldn't find another boat on the market that suited our needs better.  We picked up our new 14.6 in April and have had the time of our lives with it since.  We named her "Tranquility" because of the way we feel while sailing her.  After a good sail we love to find a quiet cove to anchor for lunch and a swim.  The optional swim ladder was a good call for us.  The electric trolling motor is perfect for getting in and out of port on the Georgia lakes we explore.  Thank you Dave and the crew in Charleston for building such an affordable, enjoyable product.

Tim P., Georgia


(Sail Dink) My sailing Dink was built in 1994.  She has been a pure delight.  She is in excellent condition (at 23 years old) except for a few minor blemishes caused by hurricane Charlie.  Just wanted you to know how pleased I am with your wonder product.  Keep up the good work!

Elaine M., Punta Gorda, FL